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Emergency Management

With its extensive subject matter expertise, NGS is well-positioned to help our clients develop and implement a comprehensive approach to Emergency Management programs. Dr. Oliver has been certified as a Certified Emergency Manager® (CEM) by the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) for over twenty years and has been a Professor at the University of Maryland Global Campus for over a decade developing and teaching courses in emergency management, homeland security, and public safety.

NGS also incorporates its program and project management as well as strategic planning expertise to efficiently meet our customer’s needs. Whether it is preparedness, mitigation, response, or recovery planning, emergency operations planning, disaster management, as well as grant application and post-award management support, NGS stands ready to apply its decades of emergency management experience to support of our clients.

NGS offers a comprehensive set of services across all four phases of emergency management; preparedness, mitigation, response, or recovery and incorporates its program and project management as well as strategic planning expertise to efficiently meeting our customer’s emergency management needs.

NGS has decades of experience in development and delivery of disaster and emergency response programs to federal agencies, states, and communities under the Stafford Act and other authorities. Services offered include:


NGS has considerable experience in providing preparedness and protection activities that include precautionary measures designed to reduce losses from potential disasters and public health...



NGS offers clients a wealth of experience in responding to disaster and other crises. For five years, as a collateral duty, Dr. Oliver served as Chief of the National response ...


Dr. Oliver has deployed to dozens of federal declared disasters and has served in various capacities, including served as a Deputy Federal Coordinating Officer...


NGS staff are award-winning nationally recognized experts in hazard mitigation. Dr. Oliver led FEMA’s building science, forensic engineering...

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