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NGS has considerable experience in providing preparedness/protection activities that include precautionary measures designed to reduce losses from potential disasters and public health emergencies. Three main areas of focused include pre-disaster/event planning, training, as well as exercising, testing & evaluation.

Pre-Disaster/Event Planning – NGS offers clients a broad range of planning capabilities that include:

√   Crisis Management
√   Mass Care and Shelter
√   Disaster Housing
√   Catastrophic Event
√   Incident

√   Public Health Emergency
√    Continuity of Operations (COOP)
√    Continuity of Government
√    Resource Management and Logistics
√   Crisis Communication

Training – Training development and delivery is a core competency of NGS. Dr. Oliver has led the development of numerous courses and served as an instructor at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute for three decades. In addition, he has been a Professor at the University of Maryland Global Campus for the past decade, where he has served as an instructor, new instructor mentor, and where he developed and/or updated numerous emergency management, public safety, and homeland security courses.

Exercising, Testing & Evaluation– NGS staff have experience in exercise, test & evaluation programs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, NGS served as an Emergency Management Subject Matter Expert that was part of a team that documented an assessment of federal and research university COVID-19 response practices. The results of the assessment was used to advise the National Institutes of Health’s Office of the Director on COVID-19 emergency response best practices and lessons learned. As Chief of FEMA’s National Response and Coordination Center, Dr. Oliver participated in several national level exercises. He also helped to develop and served as a controller in a local exercise in Annapolis, MD.

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