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NGS offers clients a wealth of experience in responding to disaster and other crises. For five years, as a collateral duty, Dr. Oliver served as Chief of the National response and Coordination Center (NRCC) at FEMA Headquarters. As a member of the Senior Executive Service, Dr. Oliver was called up to serve as Chief of the NRCC during large scale activations and national level exercises. Dr. Oliver also has extensive experience in responding to disasters at the local level as a member of both County and local government response teams.

Dr. Oliver has responded to dozens of major disasters caused by floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, public health emergencies, and terrorist attacks while serving as a federal, county and local official and more recently, as a consultant. In responding to disasters, he has been assigned a myriad of assignments and duties, including serving various management roles including Deputy Federal Coordinating Officer, Mitigation Services Director, Mitigation Assessment Team Lead, Emergency Management Subject Matter Expert.

COIVID-19 Pandemic Response – During the COVID-19 pandemic, NGS served as an Emergency Management Subject Matter Expert that advised the National Institutes of Health’s Office of the Director on COVID-19 emergency response best practices and lessons learned.

New Orleans Hurricane Gustav Evacuation – In one of his most significant contributions to a successful response, Dr. Oliver coordinated the use of FEMA contractors who supported the evacuation of New Orleans when Hurricane Gustav threatened the City. This included the National Medical Transport and Support Service Contract, National Rail Evacuation Contract, National Business Contract, and through the U.S. Air Force’s Air Mobility Command – Commercial Aircraft.

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