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NGS offers a wide array of services to our clients. These services  broadly fall into three categories, those being subject matter expertise, support services expertise, and new business pursuit. The key to our success is addressing today’s public safety challenges by offering clients interdisciplinary expertise.

NGS is a registered with Our DUNS Unique Entity ID is 118209109, our SAM Unique Entity ID is NVR1THKPPMF1, and our CAGE/NCAGE is 93U06. NGS has identified its primary NAICS code as 541611 – Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services. NGS has also identified dozens of other applicable NAICS codes in 48 – Transportation and Warehousing, 54 – Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, and 61 – Educational Services. For all identified NAICS codes, NGS meets the size standard for a small business.

Subject Matter Expertise


  • Pre-Disaster Planning – Crisis Management | Incident Planning | Mass Care and Sheltering | Disaster Housing | Catastrophic Event | Public
    Health/Pandemic | Continuity of Operations (COOP) | Continuity of Government (COG) | Resource Management and Logistics | Crisis
  • Training – Face-to-face/distance-learning training development and delivery
  • Exercising,Testing & Evaluation – Develop and conduct exercises, test and evaluate exercises

Response – Emergency Operations Center (EOC) management | Field operations management | Pandemic workforce protection/facilities management | Contingent contract/acquisition management

Recovery – Post-Disaster Housing | Historic Preservation | Long Term Recovery Planning | After Action Report (AAR)/Improvement Plan (IP) Development

Mitigation – Mitigation project/grant development and implementation | Risk assessment/management | Disaster resistant building codes and standards | Floodplain management | developing Hazard mitigation publications

To learn more about our emergency management expertise, visit our Emergency Management page.

Infrastructure Protection – THIRA plan development and Post-event forensic investigations | Workforce protection | Personnel security | Risk assessment/management.

To learn more about our homeland security expertise, visit our Homeland Security page.

Full Business Continuity Planning Lifecycle Management – Risk assessment | Business Impact Analysis (BIA) | Risk management | Business Continuity Plan (BCP) exercise/development.

To learn more about our business continuity planning expertise, visit our Business Continuity Planning page.

Support Services Expertise


Acquisition Regulations/Policy – Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) | DHS FAR Deviations – Homeland Security Acquisition Regulations (HFAR) | Homeland Security Acquisition Manual | Acquisition policy.

Contracting/Competition – DHS Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL) | Disaster/contingency contracting | Competition/Award protest | DHS Strategic Sourcing | Acquisition Planning Forecast System (APFS) | Contract management | Interagency Agreements/Acquisitions (IAAs) | Contract cost estimating | Contracting/subcontracting | GSA Schedule/Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) buys | Small business | unsolicited proposals | DHS security and training requirements for contractors.

To learn more about our acquisition management expertise, visit our Acquisition Management page.

Program Management – Government program development administration | Grant program development and administration | Program, Planning , Budget, and Execution (PPBE), including performance management

Acquisition Program Management  DHS Directive 102-01 | DHS Acquisition Lifecycle Framework (ALF) | DHS Systems Engineering Life Cycle (SELC) | DHS Acquisition Review Board process | OHS Joint Requirements Council (JRC)

Project Management – Disaster/contingent projects | Information Technology.

Organizational Change Management (OCM) – Developing public safety winning strategies | Streamlining core business processes to  workflow efficiency, team effectiveness and customer satisfaction | Establishing employee-centric and transformational processes | Recognize and elevate core organizational competencies and employee engagement and commitment that closely aligns with client’s priorities.

To learn more about our program/project management expertise, visit our Program/Project Management page.

Federal IT lifecycle management | Major IT system modernization | Financial and insurance systems | Robotics Process Automation (RPA) | Program, Planning , Budget, and Execution (including performance management) IT systems.

To learn more about our information technology management expertise, visit our Information Technology Management page.

New Business Pursuit

Coordination across the business pursuit lifecycle |Business development | Capture management | Proposal management – Pink, Red, Gold and White color teaming.

To learn more about our new business pursuit expertise, visit our New Business Pursuit page.

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