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Industry Leading Solutions to Meet Public Safety Needs

About NGS

Nanticoke Global Strategies LLC (NGS) focuses on partnering with our clients to effectively manage disasters and other crises. We deliver best-in-class management consulting services, coupled with the industry-leading subject matter expertise, to produce innovative solutions and results.

As an interdisciplinary public safety consultancy, NGS offers a broad array of comprehensive emergency management, homeland security, and business continuity services. NGS possesses deep cross functional expertise in a wide array of areas that we leverage to deliver best-in-class services to meet our client’s needs and exceed their expectations.

NGS serves the public safety community in many ways that include strategic partnerships and collaboration agreements, consultant/advisory contracts and agreements, and through volunteer community service. To complement our subject matter expertise, we integrate best-in-class program, acquisition, and information technology management. Our consulting capabilities are highly regarded within the emergency management (including public health), homeland security, and business continuity communities. This recognition is based on our long and successful history of program delivery that enables clients to prepare for, prevent, mitigate, respond to, and recover from disasters, crises, and other emergencies.

As an added benefit, NGS’s interdisciplinary expertise provides clients unique insights in how to successfully pursue new business. We support clients in developing and executing sound business pursuit strategies and collaborate with clients in pursuing and winning the right business opportunities through effective business capture and proposal management.

What we do

New Business Pursuit
NGS's interdisciplinary expertise gives clients unique insights in how to successfully pursue new business.
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Emergency Management
With its extensive subject matter expertise, NGS is well-positioned to help our clients develop and implement a comprehensive approach to Emergency Management programs
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Homeland Security
Since before the founding of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2002, NGS staff have been deeply involved in homeland security matters
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Business Continuity Planning
Maintaining a successful business requires that businesses remain operational during potentially disruptive events in a variety of different situations
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Program Management
With Dr. Oliver’s decades of experience in managing a broad range of government programs, program management is a core competency of NGS.
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Acquisition Management
NGS has extensive experience and knowledge of federal procurement practices. For over a decade, Dr. Oliver served as a Senior Procurement Executive in FEMA’s Office
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Information Technology
NGS understands the complexities of designing and delivering large federal information technology solutions.
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