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Dr. Oliver has deployed to dozens of federal declared disasters and has served in various capacities, including served as a Deputy Federal Coordinating Officer

Post-Disaster Housing – NGS staff has supported post-disaster housing at both the policy and at the operations level in the field. See our Program Management page for more information on Dr. Oliver’s leadership role in the Hurricane Katrina temporary housing mission.

Historic Preservation – NGS staff have provided building science technical assistance with respect to restoring damaged historic buildings and other structures.

Long Term Recovery Planning – NGS staff have supported numerous long term recovery planning efforts. Dr. Oliver supported such efforts from both the policy and field operations levels. This includes spending an extended length of time in south Florida following Hurricane Andrew and in the U.S Virgin Island following Hurricane Marilyn dealing with a myriad of long term recovery issues.

After Action Report (AAR)/Improvement Plan (IP) Development – As an emergency manager for over three decades, Dr. Oliver has participated in developing many AAR/IPs.

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