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New Law Seeks To Improve The Crisis Planning And Recovery Efforts Of Federal Agencies

Federal agencies such as FEMA and the Small Business Administration are often among the first to help companies and organizations recover from natural disasters, hurricanes and other weather-related crises.

But a new law signed by President Joe Biden on Decembe 5 seeks to ensure that all government agencies take the right steps so they are fully prepared to bounce back from similar crisis situations that impact federal property such hospitals, other government infrastructure, and public land.

The clock is ticking. The Disaster Resiliency Planning Act requires the director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to establish guidelines within 180 days. The guidelines will requires the head of each federal agency to incorporate natural disaster resilience into real property asset management and investment decisions that are made by those agencies.

Dr. Oliver, Nanticoke Global Strategies LLC‘s Principal, is quoted extensively.

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