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I addition to delivering disaster and pandemic response subject matter expertise for our clients, NGS successfully supported numerous new business pursuits. NGS provided business development as well as capture and proposal management services for over a dozen federal competitions at DHS and HHS that led to over $200M in wins for our clients. What we believe is most impressive is, in all cases, there either was no incumbent contractor or our clients won over the incumbent. Support included:

•   Business Development –Utilizing NGS and other gathered intelligence, we assisted our clients in assessing opportunities to identify a portfolio of qualified leads for the company to pursue with specific federal agencies.

•   Capture Management – (Blue and Black Team) We assisted clients in understanding requirements, determining what to offer, creating strategies, identifying resources, and making go-or-no-go decisions.

•   Proposal Management – (Pink, Red, Gold, and White Team) We assisted clients in successfully implementing and overseeing the proposal development process, including proposal drafting, editing, and technical review, with a focus on ensuring proposals are written from the customer’s perspective.

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